Cumulus Controller – Branding & Logo Design

Apr 12, 2021

Project Overview: Cumulus Controller Brand Identity Development

Client: Cumulus Controller

Industry: Accounting Services

Project Scope: Brand Identity Development, Logo Design, Marketing Materials

Target Audience: Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Non-Profits, Service Providers, Snack Foods, Government Contracts, Property Management, Construction, and various other sectors


Des Moines Creative embarked on an exciting journey to develop a brand identity for Cumulus Controller, a modern and tech-oriented accounting firm. The goal was to craft a unique and professional brand image that resonates with a diverse audience, including small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and various service providers. By focusing on a seamless blend of modernity and professionalism, we aimed to highlight Cumulus Controller’s expertise in providing outsourced accounting services. The project required us to understand their extensive target audience spread across multiple industries, from snack foods and government contracts to construction and engineering.



Cumulus Controller Website Design

Our team designed Cumulus Controller’s Website. Here’s a look at that project.