Cumulus Controller – Website Design

Jun 12, 2021

Designing Cumulus Controller’s website. We built a single-page design that focuses on highlighting services, showcasing testimonials, and incorporating essential third-party links for clients was a transformative project.

The design adopts a Bauhaus-inspired elements with a lighter color palette, utilizing pinks and sea foam greens. This approach softens the intensity and stress often associated with accounting, making the page more approachable and less overwhelming.

Key services are prominently displayed, allowing potential clients to quickly understand the offerings. Testimonials add a layer of trust and credibility, while the integration of important third-party links enhances functionality and client convenience.

This thoughtful and visually appealing design ensures that visitors have a positive and engaging experience, reflecting Cumulus Controller’s commitment to making business easier and more efficient for their clients.

Cumulus Controller Logo Design

Des Moines Creative Designed the Cumulus Controller Brand & Logo. Here’s a look at that project.