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Des Moines Creative will modernize your business for the digital market. We provide an internal team of design, tech, and creative strategists without the pain of hiring a crew. With Des Moines Creative you get access to our knowledge, tools, resources whenever you need it. If you hire a team, you’d have to worry about sustainability, benefits, and workload. Instead you can be focused on business goals, repositioning yourself and investing that money in ad-spend. 

why DES MOINES Creative good for business

If your prospective buyers google you, search for your Facebook business page, what would they think?



Your business is only as strong as the perception your buyers have, starting with your digital presence. The effort you put in is what you get out. Businesses with a great word-of- mouth referral market often ignore an entire market of prospects, the digital market. Unless you’re opposed to growth, then even your business needs a stronger web presence. 

In 2020 most small Iowa businesses shut down in 2020 without the ability to re-open. This goes beyond savings. These businesses had no revenue stream or a identity established digitally. Those who did were able to scoop up the competitions clientele. 

Iowa businesses need help. As of 2021, Des Moines Creative is that help. We work with companies to capitalize on the opportunities a digital presence can bring.

We challenge the way you think. Facebook for example, traditional Iowa business owners often tell me it’s “just social media”. Facebook is a free public facing platform with 1.9 Billion daily users and a set-your-price ad-buy in. Compare that to a billboards traffic. Put $3,000 into both platforms, but only one can target your ideal buyers globally.

Simply put, we give businesses a digital presence to drive revenue, brand recognition, and goals. 

Long-term, we are research-driven. Des Moines Creative studies the competition to find where they slip and you thrive. We show your audience what sets you apart through a marketing strategy. You know the business and we know the market, together we are unstoppable. 


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Featured Project

This project was about finding a balance between old and new. The brand foundation being the classic brewery look and feel represented by more traditional elements: the strong serif font, black-white-gold color palette, minimalist pattern. Then crossing it with a modern packaging design that incorporate graphic illustration styles of the 20’s. New illustration styles are represented by pop culture elements such as comic book polk-a-dot texture, nonsensical organic shapes, and embracing a warm and cool full color palette.

New Beer Company Branding
Des Moines Iowa New Beer Company Packaging Design


Each business has a customized scope of work and a contract of services. Our work is based on an hourly rate of $120. Each agreement depend on the scope of services. Retainers are provided for clients that wish to reserve hours monthly for miscellaneous services, campaigns, or for on-going SEO or Digital Marketing Services. 


Assigned to larger projects, such as web design and development


Rushed and inspired clients are able to access reserved time ASAP


Clients good at scheduling ahead do well with hourly. Ideal for small odd jobs. 


When debating between hourly or a retainer

How fast will you want work done?

Our retainer clients take priority over hourly requests, as they have pre-booked monthly services. If Des Moines creative is booked for the month hourly clients will have to wait until the following month, or book a rush project after hours.

You know yourself best. Are you reserved, scheduled, and calculated, or rushed and inspired? Do you find yourself wanting to run a fall campaign in the fall, or would you prefer to work on your spring campaign a season ahead?

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