Barncraft Building Supply – Website ReDesign

Website ReDesign

Des Moines Creative, in partnership with Sterner Stuff, identified key problems and solutions for Barncraft Pole Barn. Their business offers diverse applications, such as garages, storage, and barn-dominium, and metal supplies.  Barncraft wanted to highlight its competitive advantages, like better care, fewer mistakes, expertise in traditional lumber, fast turn-around on metal products, and locally sourced materials.

The redesign aimed to attract local customers within a 50-mile radius of Lane County, focusing on those who need specialized solutions rather than generic options. The project addressed hurdles like lower foot traffic and communication challenges, with goals to create simpler pre-fab plans and educational content.

Custom Design

Blueprint Illustration

We incorporated custom blueprint illustrations to reflect the creative process that builders and buyers undertake.

Before & After

The Project

A brief look at the creative process behind the scenes.