Videography Services

Des Moines Creative is the Ultimate Producer

From artistry to marketing

At Des Moines Creative I scope out talented local videographers and work with them to produce your content. I am the Owner, Ashley. As an artist with over 20 years of experience, I oversee the quality and production elements of your work. , I evaluate the principles of design in relation to the business goals that this piece is being created to advance. This refining process takes your work to the next level without the need or price of a 15 person crew.


No Quick & Dirty Models


I prioritize the beauty &

the Art of Creativity


You can shop around all of Des Moines, Iowa, & the Midwest and you won’t find anyone who offers a service like mine. Agency business models are about money over quality. I call this the quick and dirty model. They slowly suck the beauty out of creativity in order to overcharge and overproduce crap content while under-paying their creatives. I prioritize the beauty of Art over anything I produce. You still get deadlines, you still get speed, but your work means something from the creator to the client.

Quality video editing work should feel effortless.


We Handle the

Artistic & Technical Side


Anyone can draw, but that doesn’t mean they should. Like Drawing, Video Editing is an art form, it takes discipline to make a shot make an impact.

Tell Your Story


Everyone has a story, and your story is unlike anyone’s in the world. However, it is up to you to determine who should tell your story. How do you want to be seen? How do you want to be remembered?

Trust us to capture your story


documentary style

This one is quality over quantity.

Documentary-style videos are cultivated by a story, they create lasting emotional impressions. People are surprised at how strong they perform. You’ll find yourself with a collection debating which one to send to a prospect over the years. 


Promo Period Idea:

Run this content as a promo before and during slow business months to keep business up.



testimonial/review style


Word travels fast but video travels farther and faster

What’s better than a written review? One on camera. The look, the authenticity, the style all depends on the goal of this content.

Less is not more with video testimonials. Use them to review a product, a service, or a positive experience. Video testimonials can reshape your image from a community level up to an international level.

humor style


Entertainment-Value-Based Content is ideal for maximum reach.

Think of a funny commercial or ad that you’ve sent or shared. You promoted their company for FREE, not because you were paid to but for the entertainment value of their video. This technique is rapidly growing with the demand for entertainment that covid-19 has created.