What is SEO?

SEO is an industry term for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a mouthful!


How does it work?

Google builds algorithms into search engines that identify content and connect it with users searching for content. It’s built into the “metadata” and code of a website. A lot goes into it. Websites need to be mobile-friendly, post frequently and set up to googles standards.


Do I need to hire a Professional?

Yes. Posting alone isn’t enough to perform on a commercial level. Unlike Advertising, SEO services are measured by frequency, consistency, quality, and quantity. Google doesn’t want a 2-year-old article with a couple of keywords, they want a website with hundreds of articles on the topics users are looking for, all optimized.


Search Engines are your biggest Target Audience

They want your pages to be set up for search results. Google wants to have alt tags, schema, gtags, metadata, descriptions, and more. That’s why you hire a pro.


What companies can benefit from SEO?

All Companies benefit from SEO but will apply it differently to achieve personal business goals. SEO allows companies looking to be found. The work isn’t free, but the traffic is. If you’re struggling to be found or pull in new clients, SEO is a great tool to build into your website. 


I don’t think I need SEO, my company makes money on referrals.

You’re my favorite target, if you’re not investing in SEO it makes my job easier for your competition. It’s easy to watch you slowly slide into the 2nd and 3rd Pages of google like quicksand. Bye!


How to use SEO for Growth Strategy?

High-Demand Service companies like Plumbing or HVAC won’t depend on SEO to establish business but will use it for growth strategy.

SEO allows these companies to take customers from competitors searching for services. IF we analyze that a popular search is  “Commercial Plumbers” in “Iowa” by “Competitor Name” your plumbing company can build these words into your websites content strategy and use it to outperform the original plumbing company. Suddenly it becomes a question of which plumbing company instead of just one company.


Outwork, Outlast, Out-Perform

SEO is a long-game strategy. With hardwork and consistency along with the right SEO Content Calendar, you can outpost and outperform the competition. After 6 months you’ll be able to identify the organic traffic growth on your website. The more traffic, the more opportunities for sales your company gets. 


Commercial Industries are Ideal for SEO

Commercial industries have relied on their company name, network, and referral network for so long that they’ve left a wide opening in the digital market.  These companies have dramatically underinvested in their website, and most have no SEO at all.


Don’t be intimidated when going up against a big name.

In Iowa, especially commercial businesses, have initial SEO at the time they re-designed their website. Usually this was when they needed to create a mobile friendly version. After a year of success most didn’t understand the technology behind the service and dropped it. It’s a pattern I noticed early on.

The next company who decides to outperform them in a digital market will.

Content is the most valuable and most underestimated marketing strategy in any industry.

If you’re a local commercial company you have less noise to outperform on a local level and we work with you to analyze what the competition is ranking for and create a content calendar that will allow you to rank for the same words and more.


Design Services can Improve the Conversion Rate of this SEO Traffic

SEO can only get your foot in the door, if you’re websites images are low resolution or the design is poor quality it WILL BE associated with the QUALITY of your services and prices. If you’re SEO is performing ask about rebranding services including website redesigns, logo redesigns, photography, and videography services. 


Need Traffic Now?

SEO is a long-game strategy. If you need to make money fast look into SEM, Search engine marketing services like google advertising to pull in buyer traffic while you build your SEO. SEM allows you to have results now.