What is SEM and SEM Management?

SEM is an industry term for Search Engine Marketing. SEM Management are the services to setup, run, and analyze the reports of these campaigns along with the knowledge and software. 


How does it work?

SEM is advertising. If you’re looking to be found now, or rank higher SEM is a more immediate strategy. It also affords you the time to work on your SEO without losing business.

Using the latest software, we analyze your competitors. What keyphrases, keywords, are your competitors are ranking for? What google ads are they running? What sets you apart, what do you do better? What are people searching for in your industry? 

Your SEM Manager then uses this data to construct a multifaceted google ad campaign. With SEM makes each search not a question of “do I want to buy” this service but “from whom”.  


How Much Does it Cost?

If you’re not ranking, you’re not an option. Plan for loss per clicks, everyone that clicks isn’t going to buy. Choose to see the bigger picture. For some, we are targeting that one big client. One big client can offset the entire SEM investment and take your company to another level. They can bring in referrals, and quadruple your reach. 

For others the goal is to get a percentage of clicks to increase your conversion rate. More clicks means more sales opportunities. More loss is more sales. 

After each month you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. You’ll receive monthly reports analyzing the success of each campaign and each month this data will improve the precision of your campaign.   


Be Ready for Traffic

You’ll need to identify a place to send your users to increase performance. Make sure your website is ready for google ad performance. If you’re trying to sell products for example, make sure your e-store is setup. 


Want to spend less on advertising? You’ll need to work on your long-game strategy.

SEO is a long-game strategy. With hardwork and consistency along with the right SEO Content Calendar, you can outpost and outperform the competition. After 6 months you’ll be able to identify the organic traffic growth on your website. The more traffic, the more opportunities for sales your company gets.