Social Media & Digital Marketing

With Social Media, it can be difficult to consider how to use each platform. Particularly if you’re a business. Let’s see if I can help you get started!

Imagine you’re a person

When establishing a business identity imagine that this business is one person, represented differently on each platform. Let’s create a tone and boundaries.

  • Who Are They?
  • What is their tone?
  • Who do they want to appeal to?
  • How do they converse in a friend-casual environment?
  • How do they converse in a professional environment?
  • What is an off-the-limits conversation?
  • What areas of controversy will they tackle?
  • What are their social areas of responsibility?
  • What holidays do they observe?

All of these areas will help you define how you will represent your company’s interests.

Social Media Platforms and How to Represent Your Company

Each of these has a different market, message, and way to accelerate your success.

Pinterest – Your Creative & Inspirational Business Identity Share, Promote, Sell, Creative

Instagram – Your Best Self =  Best Business Identity  High Class

Facebook – Relatable Business Identity, Retail, Find Groups to Share to

TikTok – Personable Staff Clips, A Day in the Life, Low Competition and High Exposure

LinkedIn – Professional Developers, Builders,

GoogleAds – Your Search Engine Friendly Bait

Hulu – Offers Streamer Targeting

Youtube – Offers Streamer Targeting

eMarketing Projection

There’s a 7.9% e-market projection increase by 2023. Optimize your website and marketing to prepare for the increase and to get ahead of the competition!

Happy Conversions!