There’s a difference between competitive research and copying. Everyday you look at your competitors. After a while you’re thinking: “I want to be them”,  “So I need to do that”, “I need to look like them”.

NO!     STOP!    WARNING!   

First, this destroys your confidence; it creates doubt. Second, you cannot conform your business into your competition any more than you can morph yourself into someone else. You can lose sight of who you are as a business, and so will your clients. Is the color red your goal, or is your goal to position yourself in the market to increase your leads?

Safe | Boring | Expected   =    IS NOT SUCCESS



Lead Don’t Follow

Bring something new to your industry.


A new message, a new look, a different business strategy, a new product or service, and a different approach. We cannot vouch for all designers, all developers, all content writers out there. Most of the time the work we do is clean-up. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take that first step. Start and work your way up.

Take Risks

You should feel uncomfortable. Innovation comes from a place of vulnerability. Lead by doing the unexpected and be memorable. Leading will drive success, but leading will have a feeling of failure. Expect creativity and be ready for the honest conversations with Des Moines Creative. Our creatives will challenge your industry. We will introduce new ideas, new projects.






This is What Success Looks Like

Success is a risk, it outputs what you put in.


Now you took that risk; you tried outrageous content. Advertised on new platforms and took some risks with content. You are driving success or the perception of success. Your competition is now copying you. Don’t be complacent, this is most entrepreneurs big mistake. This is your queue to increase your creative marketing efforts.

Companies blinded by ROI or client load tend to lose sight of prospecting, awareness, and exposure. If you finally see a return on your investment, that doesn’t mean you’re “NIKE.” Even Nike re-invests in creativity. It can be frustrating to re-invest in your own company rather than enjoying the success. Before you quit, revisit your goals. Success and work isn’t a stream, it comes in waves.

What couldn’t you do before? Animating your logo, increasing your data collection, expanding to e-marketing will help you build on the foundation that’s paving the way for your success.




Invest in Success

Creativity and success are an on-going process. You get what you put in.  Hire the Best, Des Moines Creative, and invest in yourself!