When you first talk to your investor, you’ll go over the basics. A living will, a retirement fund, equity to debt, etc. This is the same when it comes to business design and marketing strategy. We recommend you cover the basics needed for your trade. Most industries demand business cards, a website, social accounts, etc. Then you’ll need to drive organic (free) traffic on digital platforms, this extends to social media platforms and ads.

Your initial client positioned materials are your first impression. They are the resume you use to reach your client.

Let’s walk through a situation, let’s say you meet someone. They describe what they do. You’re excited, “hey” do you have a business card or website? Then they say “no”. (pause) What is your perception of their business? Initially, we feel off-put. Nothing has changed from the first conversation to this moment. They still offer the same product or service, but now our perception is that they are less successful. We might think they aren’t established, they cannot afford basic materials, or that this isn’t a real company. Now flip that to your company. Perhaps you’ve been too busy or didn’t know where to start. 

Invest properly in yourself as you start your business, this includes your business presence. Put a face to your company. Make sure you’re on the social platforms (relevant to your industry), social platforms drive traffic and substitute a web search in many cases. They also drive leads, revenue, and track your performance – yep they offer much more than most companies imagine. Have a business card or e-business card to hand out. Have a logo, a letterhead. Most importantly, have a company page or app that people can navigate to. Remember the more you have, the more established you become.