First Sign your Design Agency Values Money over Quality Work


A Bad Design Agency won’t say you no. Why is that bad. Most companies believe this is the sign of a good company. You give them money, tell them what to do, they listen, how is this bad?


 They’re acting like an employee not an Agency.

You don’t hire an expert so you can tell them what to do. You hire an expert to accomplish something bigger than you. When you hire a Design Agency you tell them what your business goals are. You offer inspiration, the initials of your kids, the reason you started the company. What you hope to accomplish, who you’re helping. Then you walk away assured that the work they create will drive those goals.


They’re Putting Money Before Design Quality

I’ve seen this several times. Companies will lose 20k on a booth design for a trade show creating things that make them look cheap. Gaudy. Busy. If you have a good Agency they will caution you. If you have a great Agency they won’t put their name behind bad work. They’ll simply say no.


Don’t Hire A Yes Man

If you’re telling someone how to design, doing the work for them and you’re not an expert then you’re the one who will get hurt in the long-run and they know it. If you hire an expert you’re hiring someone to take this off your plate, to guide your ideas. If this is your relationship with your design team it could be the sign that they are:

A. Early in their career 1-3 years. 

B. They’re doing it for the money not your success


Trust and Good Communication, Say no and receive no

 At the end of the day make sure you’re working with a company that enjoys what they do. Make sure that you have a mutual respect and trust for each other. You’ll want to be able to communicate that you don’t like something and you’ll want them to communicate if an idea you have won’t work or if that idea is against your goals. Don’t hire a yes man. Hire the best man.


Happy Creating!