Digital Marketing Investment Model

Double Your 2.35 % Conversion Rate On 2 Platforms

That 2.35% conversion rate can be improved by on-going exposure and marketing investments. How? Let’s say you put $100 into both Google and Facebook Ads. As a result, 1,000 people arrived to your site from Google and 7.5% of those visitors made a purchase (the conversion rate would be 7.5%), and 1,500 visitors arrived to your site from Facebook, 5% of whom made a purchase (5% conversion rate). Crunch the numbers and you’ll find that 75 people completed a conversion from each channel (1,000 x 7.5% and 1,500 x 5% both equal 75 people).

What happens when we put more money in to draw in 500 more visitors from each channel? Assuming these conversion rates stay the same, you’d generate:

(1,000 + 500) x 7.5% = 112.5 sales (38 more than before, rounding up) from Google

(1,500 + 500) x 5% = 100 sales (25 more than before) from Facebook.

When you compare the numbers like this, it’s clear that the better investment in this scenario would be Google Ads.